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AstroFX Student Vlog & Dow Jones Short

Some highlights of a great few days spent with students from various parts of the world. An insight into our Dow Jones short trade and how we operate part of our courses with live trading.

Live Forex trading Blog: Brokers & Philosophy

FOREX TRADING Blog looking at the benefits of using a specific type of broker along with the importance of matching your trading system/strategy to your underlying trading philosophy Akil Stokes Chief Currency Analyst & Head Trading Coach www.TradeEmpowered.com -The Premier Online Trading Educa... Read More

Charts & Set-ups: EURUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD, Gold/Silver, FTSE & More

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Forex Webinar: USD Rally Looks Tired Ahead of NFPs with Fed Hike Priced In

https://www.dailyfx.com/forex/fundamental/daily_briefing/daily_pieces/scalping_report/2016/11/28/Forex-Webinar-USD-Rally-Looks-Tired-Ahead-of-NFPs-with-Fed-Hike-Priced-In.html?utm_source=Youtube&utm_medium=Boutros&utm_campaign=twr USD Crosses in focus as dollar indices signal near-term exhausti... Read More

The Best Way to Build a Forex Trading Strategy

The Best Way to Build a Forex Trading Strategy Hi Everyone, In this video I will explain the best way to build a Forex trading strategy by Jarratt Davis Forex Trader

Forex: Top FX Headlines: Steepening Fed Expectations Curve Buoys US Dollar: 11/15/16

- Rates markets now pricing close to three Fed rate hikes over the next three years; before election, barely two were priced in. - Rising US yields lifting sentiment - for now. At a certain point, rising yields will dent equity market sentiment amid US debt sustainability concerns.

Forex Trading Blog – I’m Not Crazy About Correlations

Learn Forex http://tradeempowered.com/learn-to-trade/ FOREX TRADING blog addressing a question left under a recent video about currency strength & correlations in the markets. Take A Free Trial Week In My Live Trading Room http://tradeempowered.com/fx-live-room/ Join Our Syndicate Program for $... Read More

FOREX TRADING: A Trade With MASSIVE Profit Potential

Join The Syndicate for $1 http://promos.tradeempowered.com/syndicate-1-trial/ FOREX TRADING video taking a look at a potential trading opportunity that offers a lot of profit potential. Ten Reasons Traders Fail Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wk2Yx... Akil Stokes Chief Currency Analyst & ... Read More

Janna Mouffok (FRA Open-3) FX 2016 Massilia Open

4.8 + 7.633 = 12.433

Forex Trading Workshop: 10 Reasons That Traders Fail (Better Audio)

Learn To Trade: http://tradeempowered.com/ A Live Discussion on the top 10 reasons traders fail to find success in the markets and how I've personalyl faced these challenges throughout my trading career. Akil Stokes Chief Currency Analyst & Head Trading Coach www.TradeEmpowered.com -The Premier... Read More